9. ground floor.JPG6. restaurant.JPG19. Ganesha.JPG10. ground floor.JPGDSCF1614.jpgDSCF1569.JPGDSCF1613.JPGDSCF1689.JPG18. meditation.JPG2. family house.JPG012.jpg14. veranda.JPGDSCF1578.jpg21. sunset.JPG008.jpgDSCF1622.jpgDSCF1681.JPG4. twin room.JPG1.entrance.JPG13. sea view.JPGDSCF1599.JPGDSCF1713.JPG15. east view.JPG17. Buddha temple.JPGDSCF1572.JPG3. couple room.JPG8. restaurant.JPG


Please sent us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make a reservation.


Everything you need to know about reservation you can ask Ker, your hostess, by email.

Your reservation will be confirmed by paying one night ahead, to

BCA Bank Singaraja

Ni Made Kertiane

Nr. 8270500987


please with your name and data.

We can organize your transportation from the airport.

Please let us know your flight data so we are in time at the airport to pick you up.

Thank you,

Mrs. Ni Made Kertiani

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