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Welcome to Puri Tugu Belanda

Charges double room:

High season (from the last weekend in June to the first weekend in September, plus 2 weeks Christmas and New Year) : € 39

Low season ( the rest of the year): € 32

Triple room: High season € 49 and low season € 40


GUEST HOUSE - 4 large rooms, 2 or 3 persons

FAMILY ATMOSPHERE - Guest with Ker en Gelgel

AUTHENTIC - Bali as you want it

SUSTAINABLE, CLEAN - Water collected from rain and biologically recycled for the garden

OCEAN VIEW & SUNSET - Spectacular

SWIMMING POOL - 12 meters

RESTAURANT - Balinese kitchen

QUIET -  Away from tourism, close to everything

GROUP SERVICE 8-10 people

MEDITATION & YOGA -in our Buddha-temple


 Your host and hostess



Puri Tugu Belanda: Your ideal Bali Holidays, making your Bali Travel worth while.

PTB is the answer to the question where to have your Bali Vacation, or at least spend some time on your Bali Travels. Your Bali Holidays may begin here, your Bali Travels may end here, For our shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport or bring you there. Hibernating on Bali may be just the right thing to do. Puri Tugu Belanda is actually a cheap holiday house or holiday villa, to stay some time on your Bali Travels. Check our website to see what is waiting for you in this splendid Villa on Bali.

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